Happy Wedding Anniversary


I noticed that we got married (on the day we joined the registry, that is) and it’s been a full 10 years on October 10, 2023.

It seems like a long time, but it seems like it happened so fast.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve grown old, become a respectable uncle and aunt, and am steadily getting round and round.

A lot has happened in 10 years…

I changed jobs, he changed jobs and almost became a NEET, and there were many things that I can’t openly talk about, but in a way I’m not bored…I think.

No, peace is best…essentially…yes.

But it was our 10th anniversary, and I really wanted to leave, but we both had just changed jobs and didn’t have any paid time off…

I was excited and decided to have an Italian dinner at a first-class restaurant in a slightly prestigious hotel!

The location was chosen to be Meguro Gajoen

I wanted to go once… I really thought about going to Chinzan-so, but I decided to go here because of the variety of restaurants.

I went to this Italian restaurant, which is located in the same building.


So, we could have had dinner alone, but before that, we went to Meguro Gajoen, an important cultural asset, to visit the  Hyakudan Staircase, just like tourists!

I’ve posted a few photos on the Photo.

Taisho modern retro atmosphere, seriously the best…

It is a great place for those who love architecture, and above all, for those who love fittings and interior decorations.

The braided woodwork on all of the shoji screens is very ornate and gorgeous.

Honestly, I would like to stay here just once! It was such a wonderful place that I wish I could stay here just once!

And so we went to dinner!

Apparently, the Gajoen Hotel was collaborating with Saga Prefecture, and the food was very delicious, with plenty of Arita-yaki porcelain and Saga Prefecture ingredients used in the dishes!

We’ll start with a champagne toast! It’s our wedding anniversary!

I always say every time I drink champagne, “I wish I had a champagne glass, preferably one at home…”.

Easy to drink, I thought this might get me drunk… (I’m always drunk)

This is Canoviano’s specialty, cold cappellini with shrimps and mustard.

Delicious…just delicious…

It was a nice alternative to champagne.

Champagne is the best way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, isn’t it?
Yes, wow!

And, as they say, ask for a rosé wine that goes well with both meat and fish…the best…

And here is the fresh fish carpaccio with marinated autumn mushrooms.

No seriously…seriously delicious…I want to pick up several plates of this and drink wine with it!

It was a delicate marinade that I would never be able to make at home…

At first I thought it was just a cured ham? But this is a small cannobiano salad.

Under the prosciutto, there is a lot of cauliflower and other hot vegetables, which really makes the drinks go down!

And this was really, really to die for!

It seems to be a baked risotto with sautéed tripe and ginkgo nuts.

The mino on top is so good! So savory and delicious that it almost kills you…

But then again, the wine keeps flowing…

And elegant, poached white fish with root celery purée.

And notice.

That I don’t like celery.

But when you eat it, it doesn’t taste like celery at all! Is it a miracle that it tastes better than even the smell of celery? I thought.

And the drinks just keep on coming.

This wine was also clean and easy to drink!

I don’t know if I can understand the taste of wine very well, but I do know that it is a good drink to go with good food.

And here is the main course of Kinka pork and porcini mushrooms braised in white wine with sautéed autumn vegetables.

It’s kind of Japanese style? It is sweet and tasty….it goes well with sake anyway.

Well, I didn’t learn my lesson and still ordered red wine.

Very drunk at this point, but delicious.

And here is the main course, Amatriciana Tagliatelle with Awaji onions and homemade panzetta.

I don’t like tomato sauce that much, but the onions are just so sweet…

I was already full of happiness.

And so, dessert was my favorite, Mont Blanc!

You can choose your dessert, main course and pasta, but my husband ordered the beef one, sea urchin and squid, which came out on a gorgeous plate.

I ordered something different, but I was very satisfied anyway!

And the final surprise.

The canulé was so delicious!

I didn’t expect this at all, so I was surprised.

Thank you so much…

We had a great wedding anniversary!


So, we went straight home.

Why is it that a course meal fills you up so full, even though each dish is so small?

At any rate, we were happy.


But after 10 years, I still think that I am really glad that we got married.

Even if this married life comes to a curtain call in some way, I am sure that this feeling will never change.

I always tell my unmarried friends that marriage is fun.

It’s reassuring to have friends who don’t make promises and hang out with me (husband).

First of all, I would like to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.


After our wedding anniversary, my husband’s birthday, which is called Christmas, will come before I know it, and then it will be the end of the year….

Oh, let’s look for the stacked boxes for Osechi dishes that have been missing since we moved in… (Where did they go?)

So that was a fun wedding anniversary!

I hope I can write another fun article next year!


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